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At Premiere Center for Health & Wellness, Linda Evans MD and Sally Lake RN, BSN provide non-traditional hormone replacement therapy, gynecology services, and minimally invasive cosmetic options to discriminating women.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Such a Blessing!

When I came to Dr. Evans, I was a mess! Terrible migraine type headaches, heavy bleeding, no energy, no sexual interest, no progress with weight loss. When I read the pamphlet, I thought, “I could be a poster child for this one.” Then when I actually got the pellet, my life was transformed! We really should ask my husband to put in his feedback, he is the one reminding me that it is time for my pellet! I no longer have those awful headaches and my energy level is through the roof! I workout 3 times a week and every aspect of my life is better. I’m much happier! I wish everyone could have this feeling of vitality and fulfillment! The pellet has definitely been a blessing to me!

Sheri Ann M.

Thank You!

Gosh! I can not believe how much better I feel with the Testosterone pellets. I wasn’t sure it would work, but now I am a believer!! My Testosterone level was so low and probably has been my whole life. I’m a new woman! Thanks much!!


Love Seeing Dr. Evans

I have been seeing Dr. Evans and her staff for 4 years now. I was 39 when I first saw her and thought I was losing my mind. Between the hot flashes, emotions galore, and my husband and I on the verge of divorce, she was our last hope. I tried not to put to much into how I felt when I first started the SottoPelle treatments, but after 2 weeks my husband was the one who asked how I felt. He then followed it up with how VERY different I had started acting…apparently not as crazy as I had been! If you want a physician and staff who are truly invested in their patients and their well being this is most certainly the place to go!

Michele B.

Brought Me Back to Life

Walked in broken from menopause and left with hope and relief. Amazing staff of women. One year later and I am happy, beautiful and sexy!! They brought me back to my life. A safe, loving and kind environment which will make you feel very empowered. Thank you my friends.


Professional and Efficient

The women of Premiere Center for Health and Wellness perform their jobs with professionalism and efficiency. Clients are treated respectfully with great care given to their concerns and health issues. The staff are knowledgeable, personable and relatable from the receptionist to Dr. Evans. I actually look forward to these doctor’s appointments.


I Feel Like My Old Self

Two years ago, I decided to try hormone replacement when I noticed that my energy levels were not exactly what they used to be. As a long-distance runner, I had seen my times drop off from where they used to be, I was gaining weight, and felt tired and crabby too often. I was working out as usual, but the results were hard to see. After the hormone replacement, I feel so much better all the way around. My running times are back up and even better than they were in my 30’s. I have lost fat and gained muscle. I sleep well and feel well rested, in the mornings my moods are much more even. I feel lots better, more of my old self. This is such an easy way to get yourself back on track, that I would recommend it to every woman I know. Hormone replacement has made me a happier and healthier person.

Suzanne M.

My Mood is Better and I Look Better!

Before I came to Premiere Women’s Center, I was suffering. I was definitely in menopause. I wasn’t sleeping, I was lucky if I was getting 4 hours of sleep a night. I would wake up at midnight or before and not sleep for hours. As a result I had no energy; I was depressed, and miserable. I had night sweats, fuzzy thinking, memory problems, heart palpitations, moodiness, emotional issues and many other symptoms. When I had gone to my primary care physician (which I no longer see now) she told me that I needed anti-depressants, that my past history indicated that this was what I was suffering from. She gave me no blood tests, no tests of any kind, this was her diagnosis for me. I found a new doctor and told her about my symptoms and she found that my hormones were “out of whack” and she referred me to Dr. Evans. At my first appointment with Dr. Evans, I was given my test results, and my hormone levels were very low. When she told me how low my levels were, it was a relief to know that I wasn’t “crazy”. It was simply a lack of these hormones that was making me feel the way I was. I was then told about the hormone pellet. This pellet gave me what my body was lacking and needed. I sleep better, I feel better, no hot flashes, heart palpitations, night sweats, even my mood is better and I look better!!!

Donna H.

Dr. Evans Changed My Life

About the age of forty-seven I began to experience stiffness in the joints and various aches and pains. Then for the past seven years it seemed as if I went straight down hill. I had reached a point where I literally had no energy. I experienced extreme fatigue and body aches and my whole life revolved around literally going to work and going straight home and going to bed every evening until about 8 p.m. when I would force myself to get up just to get a “few things done”. It was unbearable. I began researching all that I could into what could be wrong with me. I saw my general practitioner and he did blood work, EKG’s, etc. Every test came back “normal”. I was at my wits end and simply could not think of living life feeling so horrible. In November of 2008 I received the hormones that you suggested. I can tell you that “THE VERY NEXT MORNING” I experienced a sudden “clearing” and it was as if a fog had lifted from my brain. Within two weeks I was feeling like my old self. I have lost 35 pounds and I literally feel as good as I did when I was thirty-five. To be quite honest…you have changed my life.


Life Has Returned!

I believe that others may notice the positive effects of BHRT even more than we do ourselves that is why I can testify to the change in my husband’s outlook on life and health even more than my own. I feel that my experience in balancing my missing hormones gave him the confidence to take a look at how he might benefit. Personally, I felt like a “woman” rather than a “thing”, that passion for life seemed to come back. And my husbands experience validated that feeling. There was a rekindled spark, that is a huge gift. He is also benefiting most greatly through the HCG weight loss program, it has given him hope of regaining a new lease on life. You know, there were times that I wandered even as “young” as I was, “was our life always going to be without passion, would that ever come back? Now because of the way we both feel about ourselves and each other (and with the nurturing guidance of Sally Lake RN) “life” has returned! There are ups and downs getting your body used to the new hormones, but the benefits far outweigh the minor negative side effects.


Dr. Evans Changed My Life!

Dr. Linda Evans changed my life! I was experiencing severe depression and other extreme menopausal symptoms when a friend recommended the Premiere Center. Previously I visited another clinic and received bio-identical hormones with disastrous results, but decided to give it one more try. I’m so glad I did as the turn-around was nothing short of miraculous! My symptoms are gone and I feel like I’m me again. Thank you Dr. Evans for giving me my life back!


I Feel Young and Vibrant Again

Hormone replacement therapy has helped me tremendously with my complete state of being. I feel much more stable with my moods, relationships and professional life. My relationship with my husband and family is impacted with each treatment. I feel young and vibrant again and mainly stable. The hormone replacement has also helped me with depression and fatigue. I am a much better person now with my constant treatment than ever before. I talk to all/any clients of my own about the wonders of the pellet.

Amy O.

Friendly, Compassionate, and Professional

I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Evans after moving to Ohio a few years ago. The staff at Premiere Center is always friendly, compassionate and professional. The medical care I have received under Dr. Evans care is life changing. I highly recommend her.


Great Care

The hormone replacement I am using under Dr. Evans care, has given me an energy boost that I could never have expected! It keeps my emotions in a better range and of course, there are no more hot flashes or night sweats. Using the hormone pellets is very convenient since I don’t need to take as many daily medications.

Elaine B.

Thank You for Bringing Me Back!

All I can say is day and night!!! About a year after my hysterectomy I felt totally out of my skin. Although on estrogen replacement- everything seemed off. I was nervous, forgetful, and very uncharacteristically unfocused. Not only was this affecting my work life- but I know it had a huge impact on my family. It was at this time Linda and I started to chat about HR pellets. I was ready and excited to try anything to bring the old “Tracy” back. Within a very short time of receiving my pellets- I was back!!! Clarity back, concentration back, well being back…and yes sex drive back! Thank you Premiere for all you have done to bring me BACK!!!

Tracy B.

Thank You Dr. Evans!

After having a hysterectomy in 2002, I began taking Premarin, however after about a year I discussed other alternatives with my OB/GYN. At that time my OB-GYN was the only physician that was using Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement Therapy. There is no question the difference between the two! My physician retired about a year and a half later and that’s when I came to meet Dr. Evans. I was so excited when Dr. Evans took the training for the pellet implants as this was the therapy that best fit me. No messy creams, no pill to take and better yet the pellets are not synthetic! Nothing is processed through the liver. I have more energy and feel better than I did 20 years ago. I even ran my first half marathon last year! Thank you Dr. Evans!

Melody L.

I Feel 25 Years Old Again

Being a single parent for 18 years, a business owner and an active woman, I couldn’t figure out why I had been feeling such despair and depression. Possibly it was because my girls, the main focus of life were now almost grown and I had many weekend nights alone or having lost both parents in the last few years. Whatever it was, I was determined to get back on track. I read books to gather information about grief, loss and my own body. I soon gathered up the nerve to start dating, but after several online dates that seemed to go nowhere, I was about to give up when a man kept coming up on my searches. Well I decided to go out one more time and well as all romance stories go we are still together 31/2 years later. As happy as I was the depression got worse and my moods were off the chart. I decided to seek counseling. A year later and hundreds of dollars later, nothing was different. Being only 47 I never thought it could be my hormones, for I still had periods regularly. Symptoms’ worsened, lack of sleep, night sweats and now hot flashes, all were taking a toll on my relationships. A friend listened to my dilemma and referred me to Dr. Evans. I was so excited to try anything that would help me to feel better. Well after about 1 month every symptom had disappeared! I felt 25 years old again, in every way! I have told more and more woman about my experience and all I can say is THANK YOU.


Fantastic Staff

I’ve been a patient and client of PWC for over 10 years now, and can’t say enough about Dr. Linda Evans and her fantastic staff. The practice has expanded into several incredible services now too, beyond just women’s yearly Gyno care, that I can’t think of any place that provides such services. The staff are all friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I appreciate how Dr. Evans cares for women and women’s health, quality of life, and self esteem.


Hormone Therapy is a Mini Fountain of Youth

Hormone replacement therapy “fixed” so much that was wrong with my hormonal life. It’s a mini fountain of youth! Better sleep, better moods, better sex…yippee!! I’ll never go back.

Ann F.

Dr. Evans is Great

Peri-menopause came on suddenly in my mid-40’s. I began to experience lack of energy, hot flashes, shorter monthly cycles, sweating, inability to concentrate, repetitive thoughts, anxiety and insomnia. I ignored the symptoms thinking I could control my increasingly erratic mood swings and thought patterns. Fortunately I have a great gynecologist, Dr. Linda Evans, who was able to diagnose my situation. Unfortunately I had waited too long to see her and my treatment required the use of anti depressants. Over time however, through faith, a supportive network of family and friends, and the hormone pellet therapy, I expect to soon reduce and ultimately eliminate the antidepressant. It is my belief that had I recognized the symptoms and started hormone pellet therapy sooner, I could have avoided a lot of personal pain and the need for antidepressants. I encourage any woman whose quality of life is not at its maximum to quickly consult their gynecologist and investigate hormone pellet therapy. The results far outweigh the minimal cost.


Thank You For Getting My Life Back

It was six months after my hysterectomy when I first met Dr. Evans and her staff. My local gynecologist had tried everything he knew to help regulate my hormones, and the standard treatments weren’t working for me. In spite of patches and pills I was having an average of 25 hot flashes a day, and I was miserable! My energy level was very low, my weight was increasing in spite of dieting, my brain was working like that of a 97 year old, and I was sick of not sleeping due to multiple night sweats. My sister-in-law recommended Dr. Evans to me, and I decided to give her a try. Although I live in another state, the hour and half drive to her office was well worth it! From my blood tests she was able to see that my hormone levels were in awful shape, and she recommended pellet therapy for me. Within a few weeks I was feeling like a new woman! I was full of energy, sleeping well, losing weight, thinking clearly, and hot flash free. My husband and children will testify to the difference pellet therapy has made in all of our lives! I thank God for leading me to Dr. Evans and Premiere Women’s Center. I’ve been a patient there since the summer of 2008 and words don’t seem adequate to express the difference she has made in my life. Thank you Dr. Evans and staff for helping me to get my life back!

Bath Ann S.