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Welcome to Premiere Center for Health and Wellness

At Premiere Center for Health & Wellness, Linda Evans MD and Sally Lake RN, BSN provide non-traditional hormone replacement therapy, gynecology services, and minimally invasive cosmetic options to discriminating women.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

"When I came to Dr. Evans, I was a mess! Terrible migraine type headaches, heavy bleeding, no energy, no sexual interest, no progress with weight loss. When I read the pamphlet, I thought, “I could be a poster child for this one.” Then when I actually got the pellet, my life was transformed! We really should ask my husband to put in his feedback, he is the one reminding me that it is time for my pellet! I no longer have those awful headaches and my energy level is through the roof! I workout 3 times a week and every aspect of my life is better. I’m much happier! I wish everyone could have this feeling of vitality and fulfillment!The pellet has definitely been a blessing to me!"

Sheri Ann M.

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